Our Vision & Values

FICC is a family of followers of Jesus Christ who desire to honour God by applying His sufficient word to all areas of life and ministry. We seek to do this by growing stronger, reaching out, serving together, meeting needs, and strengthening others. We aspire to make a difference in every sphere of our influence. We believe as we reach out to others, we get to know God better, find freedom and discover our purpose. That ways we can all make a difference and help others to do so.

Our motto is: Loving God and loving each other.

People connect, families grow and lives are changed

The reason FICC exists is:

  • To worship God with sincerity.

  • To serve others and share the message of Jesus Christ

  • with them.

  • To have a meaningful ecumenical engagement with

  • other believers.

  • To disciple people and help them to fulfil their purpose.

  • To raise impactful leaders and help them identify their

  • destiny in God

  • To be more than a church