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See what God can do through your generosity.

Bank Transfers & Standing Orders

To complete a bank transfer or a standing order you’ll need our bank details. For security reasons, we need you to fill in your name & email address to reveal our Account Details

Thank You!

You will need these bank details


​Account Name: Faith in Christ Revival Ministries

Account Number: 90267600

Sort code: 20-45-45

How to set up a standing order in three steps
1 / Login to Online Banking or Banking App
Log onto your online banking or banking app and find where the standing order option is.

It is often within the pay option, the “more actions” or the 3 dots within the app.
2 / Obtaining Church Account Details
You’ll need our bank account details to fill in the standing order form or complete a bank transfer. These can be obtained by entering your email address above to reveal our Account Details.
3 / Please inform us
Let us know when you complete the form*. Email at
*This is completely optional but is just helpful for our finance team to know.
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